10 Giant Man Made Constructions in the Last Decade

Mankind has been on a continuous quest in developing structures that would make life simpler and easier. A proof of this is the mammoth number of constructions that seem to be popping up all over the world. The last decade has seen the rise of giant structures that defy what was once believed as impossible. Here is a glimpse of the 10 most stunning and breathtaking manmade developments that the world has ever seen:

  1. Canada’s Absolute World

Two skyscrapers form Absolute World within a residential condominium complex composed of 5 buildings located in Mississauga, Toronto. Instead of the usual boxy confines of traditional skyscrapers, the 50 and 56-storey towers features a 206-degree twist that make stand out from otherwise bland skyline.

  1. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a solid proof that man can definitely go greater heights. This is dubbed as the tallest manmade structure of the world with its impressive height of 830 meters. It houses tens and thousands of hotels, homes, residential towers, parks, mall, and a manmade lake.

  1. Saudi Arabia’s Jubail II

Jubail II is an industrial city project expected to run a course of 22 years before its full completion. The second phase started in 2014 with the expansion budget of $11 billion. It is slated to be completed in 2024.

  1. South Korea’s Songdo International Business District

The nature of the Songdo project is the reason why it is among the biggest in mankind’s history and a notable investment in money and labor. The project was finished in 2015 offering a site composed of tens of thousands of retail space, office space, and homes.

  1. Hong Kong’s Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

There is no doubt that this system is an amazing feat in the world of engineering as this ongoing project is composed of tunnels, bridges, and even artificial islands. The whole project that started in 2009 is meant to last for approximately 120 years.

  1. China’s South to North Water Transfer Project

China spent the past 15 years building this series of canals that will transport water to areas where it is needed. The main canal was finished in 2014 and two more are under construction at the moment.

  1. Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project

This one of a kind construction in the country could be the world’s largest irrigation project. This sits under the Sahara desert and composed of pipes that run for 2,800 kilometers connecting 1,300 wells and transporting fresh water of up to 6.5 million cubic meters on a daily basis.

  1. Jakarta’s Regatta Hotel Complex

Aside from being one of the most amazing manmade structures in the world, this is also among the top 10 most beautiful buildings that ever grazed the planet. A nautical theme was the inspiration for the hotel’s design with the aerodynamic hotel being the centerpiece of the project overlooking the Java Sea.

  1. Japan’s Chuo Shinkansen

With its official name Linear Chup Shinkansen, the latest high speed rail line in Japan will transport travelers from Tokyo to Nagoya in just 40 minutes with a speed of 505kph. The project is slated to be completed by 2027.

  1. London Crossrail Project

The first ever underground train system in the world is continuously growing as it adds 26 miles of tunnel that will be connecting 40 stations. Summer 2021 is the expected date for the first new line to be of service.

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