6 Eco-Friendly Building Materials to Start Using Now

As each day pass, we inch closer and closer to the nearing point when all is too late to reverse the catastrophic effects of climate change. It is comforting to know that people are more eager to spread awareness regarding the impact we, as humans, create on the planet.

Thousands of industries, along with their companies, start practising productive efforts to make the world cleaner and greener; and the construction field is among them.

Construction companies begin to create services that are inclined to build high-quality buildings and establishments without sacrificing the planet’s well-being.


As its name suggests, grasscrete allows grass or other flora to grow in patterns of spaces laid out along concretes. This material can be used in driveways, walkways, sidewalks and even flooring. Incorporating greenery into solid concrete areas is an excellent way of increasing the source of oxygen and improving storage and adsorption of stormwater.

Recycled Plastic

Plastic holds much of the percentage of garbage that ends up in the sea. It remains the top concern when it comes to building a sustainable future. Lots of ways have been discovered in order to get rid of as much plastic as possible.

Construction companies began an extremely beneficial motion of using recycled plastic for buildings. This innovation diminishes the need to extract new resources and provides more uses of a component that is alarmingly abundant across the world.

Smart Glass Windows

Glass has already made its prominence in construction for many years because with its translucence, sunlight can freely pass through, and homeowners don’t need to worry about large electric bills. Smart glass as window material of choice is a step higher from this sustainable option.

Smart glass windows become translucent during summer to stop heating wavelengths from entering the establishment and turn transparent during the cold season to allow sunlight to warm up the indoors.


The difference between bamboo and other trees is it takes much fewer years to grow, making it a lot more accessible and convenient for construction uses. Bamboo begins to find its way back to people’s homes because of their low-cost value and sustainability.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have been in the game for quite some time now and even more today than practical and more polished designs to incorporate them in architecture are increasing. This magnificent ingenuity operates by letting photons, or particles of light, hit electrons free from atoms, creating an electric current.

Any household or establishment with solar panels decreases its need to rely on non-renewable resources.


Cork is a fast-growing component, similar to bamboo. An interesting fact about cork is that it is able to be harvested from a living tree that will continue to grow and reproduce cork afterwards.

It may not be as popular as other sustainable sources but cork possesses commendable resilience and resistance. Cork is a common element for floor tiles, insulation sheets and is exceptional for thermal insulators.

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