Basics of Building Construction

Already enough with your old house and planning to build a new one? It is essential to have an idea on how to start a building project, and even on how to make it beautifully finished. Maybe you think that money is all that you need to build a house, but that’s a misconception. It will take a lot of complicated processes.

In general, here are the necessary steps to consider in a building project.


There are three significant steps under the planning:

Developing the Building Plan

Evaluating the Finance

Selecting the Best Construction Team

Once the site of construction is already chosen, expert engineers and architects are taken to develop the website and analyze a building plan. Most of the time, the building layout is prepared first before selecting an appropriate site. The building plan is developed based on the owner’s budget.

After the planning, the total cost is estimated- material costs, structural designs budget, labours and miscellaneous expenses. When the estimation is already set, it is to be handed over to a contractor.


Upon starting a building construction, the owner must secure the necessary permits in order to begin the process. These papers of licenses and insurances are taken from different sources in states and cities.

Construction work without permits may cause delays and demolitions. On the other hand, insurances are needed to help the contractor and the owner to save.


Here, the construction process begins. The site is ready and prepared for necessary excavations, levelling, and filling based on the building plan. The digging for power, utilities, water, and sanitation lines are also ready. This is followed with an inspection from engineering and government officials.

The inspection of different stages on structural, plumbing, electrical, and sanitation are performed.


Constructing a concrete foundation of a building is very important, and it must be based on soil types and water table level. If needed, soil testing is executed to check the bearing capacity of the area. Superficial foundations are required for low-rise buildings. For high-rise buildings, secure and deep foundations are employed.


Once the substructure is completed, the labourers will start to construct the superstructure. This includes the frame structure and masonry walls. Also, placing adequate windows and doors are followed based on the building plan.

Other works like installing ventilation, construction of roofs and sides, plastering and finishing, flooring works and interior painting are done in this process.


When the project is complete, the contractor will round a final inspection for punch listing. Punch list refers to the list of repairs and incomplete work items that were not appropriately constructed or are below on the standard quality level. This problem was later corrected and was built by the contractor.


The contractor will specify a warranty period for the building’s owner once the project is complete.¬† Within this period, any deficiency found in the building must be fixed and replaced by the contractor. Also, the warranty for materials and appliances are obtained from suppliers and manufacturers.

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