Ways to Hang Curtains in Your New Home

Once you picture curtains, you often see them hanging long on the either side of valance. It is attractive, functional, and works with any style of room. However, this style isn’t your only option. You may be creative when hanging curtains. From providing them the right spacing so light may filter in easier to placing them at the angles, there are numerous interesting ways you can hang your curtains. Through clever placement, they may accept any design of the room and add flair on their own.

Below are some of the ways on how you can hang your curtains in your new house:

Use Creative Spacing for Letting in the Softer Light

It’s one of the most common and easiest ways to hang curtains in a more creative manner. This style involves placing curtains so more light may suffuse the space. Hanging curtain with spaced intervals can bring in light, but it also keeps too much light from overpowering space. It is like the best of both worlds.

With this kind of look, it works great with bay windows. It will let you hang curtains in your window corners, making a more organic and organized design. It may add a great texture to your corners.

Hang Your Curtains with Accent Colors in Mind

Another good idea is to concentrate on the curtains that have bold color. If you have chosen wild color, it only means that you want to hang it in a creative way. For instance, cherry red curtains may blend perfectly with red accents. These also work great as part of the colorful high contrast style. For you to get design cohesion in this style, you would want to select the color of the curtain as your primary focal color. After that, work that shade to the rest of the space in a much subtle manner. You can consider subtle wallpapers or you may go for the small items of same color on small accent throw pillow or end tables. For accent colors, bold and all around ready made curtains are ideal.

Use Your Creativity with Geometry

One of the ways to hang the curtains in a creative way is putting them on the slanted walls. This style will require you to be more creative and not just let the it hanged on straight windows. This method can also be great in artistic and romantic spaces, particularly if the curtains extend to the ceiling. Curtain designs would add a romantic and soft texture.

Think of the Texture in Your Bedroom

You might want to pay attention with deep texture. You may add romantic texture to your space. Through focusing on the lighter shades to achieve the texture, such curtains may fit well with any color. For instance, it with gold shade can match well on light yellow pillows. Curtain placement behind the headboard is a great idea if you like to hang the curtain in a creative manner. You do not expect full-length curtains behind the headboard, making an interesting backdrop for rooms.

Those are just some of the many ways to hang your curtain. Regardless of your preferences, make sure that your chosen style will match your theme.

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