Why Installing Roller Blinds is Beneficial for Your Home

When you’re aiming for the perfect interior design for your home, no single detail should be left neglected. Each and every aspect of the room must be studied and meshed with practicality, colours, and style. If you want to upgrade the look of your room, blinds can help you do the trick. Unlike curtains, blinds look more polished, classy, and well put together. It can also complement any theme or style you’re going for.

In the past, the only option left for homeowners to style their window and limit the amount of sunlight that goes into a room is to hang curtains. Though this works for most traditional houses with standard-sized windows, it has become limiting for modern houses with oversized windows and those with skylights, high windows, and clerestory type window panes. In the latter types of houses, the smarter and more aesthetically pleasing option is roller blinds. Not only will these blinds pair well with these unconventional window types, but it can also effectively regulate the light that enters a room.

What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds are window blinds that are made from a stiffened fabric hooked, attached, and secured to an aluminium roller or timber. These blinds can either be motorised or spring-loaded. The latter typed is one that is adjusted with the use of a chain mechanism. The basic definition of roller blinds is not enough to include all the plethora of styles a buyer can choose from. You’ll be amazed to realise that no matter how these blinds look, no two roller blinds will exactly be the same. You might be amazed at how wide your choices of roller blinds will be.

Before, roller blinds function by totally blocking light out. If you want to allow some light into your room, you need to adjust the height of your blinds. Now, your choices are overflowing. For one, block out blinds come in more varied styles and colours. If you want to filter the light that comes in your room, you can try the light filter roller blinds. If you’re particular about the UV radiation and its harmful effects, you can go for roller blinds with sunscreen filters. Aside from blocking out UV radiation, this type allows more outdoor visibility than other blinds.

Unique benefits of roller blinds

The strongest competitor of roller blinds is curtains. And the reason why they’re compared is not that they’re at par in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and practicality, but because other than blinds, curtains are the only option to block off light from windows. This is why to highlight the unique benefits of roller blinds, we’ll compare them with curtains.

There are clear disadvantages in using curtains that you will not experience with roller blinds. In most cases, your curtains are just not enough to complement the room’s aesthetics. In this case, the more fitting option is a properly fitted or measured roller blind. Both the window and room size can influence your decision of whether or not to use a roller blind. Curtains, in general, can make a room feel smaller than it actually is. Because of the curtain’s bulkier/bigger design, the room instantly becomes smaller. Homeowners go for roller blinds because it offers the space efficiency that curtains cannot. And even if the room is larger, most homeowners still go for roller blinds because it makes the room feel less enclosed. Roller Blinds can also be automated.

For homeowners with kids, longer curtains can pose a lot of issues. For one, you’ll have to maintain it frequently. You’ll also need to monitor your kids playing near the window as they can choke themselves with the sheets. The fur of cats and dogs can also easily get trapped in your curtain sheets, posing a threat to you and your family, especially if any of you has a respiratory condition.

Where should roller blinds be used?

There’s no limit as to where you can use the roller blinds. The appropriateness of its usage will largely depend on the look you’re trying to achieve and what type of fabric you want. Say, for example, a bathroom blind may not necessarily be needed to block the light out, but more on keeping the room moisture-resistant and in giving you privacy. It’s an entirely different case with bedrooms where a blackout blind fabric is necessary.

Generally, roller blinds work well with high-up windows, thin and tall windows, living areas, bedrooms, home study, and sunrooms or conservatories. On the other hand, blinds won’t work well with french doors, laundries, bathrooms, and kitchens. For french doors, the door handles can get in the way of the blinds. For laundries and bathrooms, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use blinds here. It’s just that you need a blind with fabric that can prevent mould and mildew growth. If you want to use roller blinds for your kitchen, make sure its made of flame retardant fabric.

How to maintain roller blinds

The design of modern blinds makes maintenance an irregular occurrence. If your blinds are properly fitted during its installation, they won’t rattle or wobble whenever they’re extended. If indeed they need attention, probably its screw just needs some fastening again — nothing more complicated than that.

Cleaning your roller blinds is also pretty straightforward. You’ll only need warm water and a bit of dishwashing soap. Get a microfiber cloth or a clean sock and dip it in the sudsy water and wipe each blind slat off.

Can roller blinds be motorised?

Yes, it can. In fact, roller shades are known as a form of motorised window treatment. It has an aluminium tube powered by an internal motor that rolls the fabric panel up and down. If you want to add motorisation to your blinds, you can also do so but that will depend on the condition, age, and brand of your blinds.

That said, there’s one moral of the story that stands out — roller blinds, with their versatility, aesthetics, and practicality, are things that transcend from being a mere trend. Without an iota of doubt, these blinds are here to stay for a long time.

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