Different Forklifts Used in the Biggest Constructions

Forklifts are convenient machines that are used for many important purposes. You can prominently see these pieces of equipment in construction sites. Forklifts have the ability to reach incredible heights and lift the heaviest of loads, something that an average person will never be able to do or will be afraid to do so.

Take a look at the different types used in some of the biggest construction projects and many of these models are now available with rechargeable forklift batteries:

Standard Warehouse Forklifts

Nothing beats the classic models. The standard warehouse one is among the most common sights seen in constructions and warehouses alike. They have a pretty simple design and resemble a type of small golf truck that has twin forks at the front. They have an unrivaled practical usage and versatility and they will continue to be seen in all forms and types of construction projects.

Counterbalance Forklifts

The visual attributes of a counterbalance model are just the same as that of standard warehouse type. But, you will discover several secrets under the hub. Just like what their name implies, there is something that gives these machine a touch of extra stability. There are several weights located at the rear of the forklift that give it the much-needed balance boost every time it lifts stuff using the forks.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

There are instances when standard types are not suitable for the specific job at hand. This is when a rough terrain forklift can come in handy. These model are perfect for those outdoor jobs with rough terrains and tricky slopes. This specific type is tough and adapts really well to the outdoor environment. The tires of these machines are threaded and oversized to achieve better stability.

Telescopic Handlers

A telescopic handler or also known as telehandler is a very useful machinery piece. This is like the hybrid child of cranes and forklifts in a way. They have a crane’s range combined with the forklift’s practical handling. Although these are just limited to the one-dimensional movement of their fork, telehandlers address this problem through the ability to move diagonally backward and forward.

Order Pickers

An order picker is used so that the operator can get nearer the load meant for shipping. Order pickers don’t really handle colossal loads. What makes order pickers special is the specific role that it can do. it doesn’t only transport the usual payloads for, at the same time, it can also lift the personnel. Their versatile design makes them perfect for irregularly shaped parts.

Walkie Stackers

Walkie stackers are not exactly forklifts although they are close enough to be called so. Their appearance is somewhat strange but they are extremely practical in both construction and warehouse environments. A walkie stacker allows you to comfortably transport stuff from one part to another while lifting them enough.

Industrial Forklifts

You will need a reliable and strong piece of machinery if there are large payloads that will be moved. An industrial forklift is perfect for this job as it combines the reliability and mobility of standard model and the practicality of telescopic handlers. These types are extremely powerful and are suitable for massive loads.

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